The Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) is an international animal welfare organization that rescues and cares for large carnivores who were abused, abandoned, illegally kept or victims of other inhumane situations.

Since these animals were born and raised by humans, they often carry brutal reminders of their past life such as broken teeth and missing claws, so they can never be returned to the wild.

They provide lifelong care and large-acreage habitats where they can enjoy life as close to “wild” as possible.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is 720 acres and currently home to over 450+animals including Grizzly Bears and Black Bears, Tigers, African Lions, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Lynx, Foxes and others.

 Their motto is, “Saving one animal may not change the world… but surely, for that one animal, the world will change forever!” 

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