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The Sanctuary You Need to Know About If You Love Cats

by Katherine Cheshire August 14, 2017

Blind Cat Rescue

The Animal Sanctuary You Didn't Know Existed 

     Often times, animals with special needs are overlooked. High kill animal shelters deem them automatically not adoptable due to either sickness, injury, and or blindness and may kill them immediately.

One mother and daughter duo established Blind Cat Rescue after finding no resources available to help Louie, their first blind cat. Their website explains how it all started.

"We got our first blind cat Louie when we were volunteering for the local shelter. A man was going to leave this 6 week old in the Petsmart parking lot if the shelter would not accept him.  I found myself saying 'I will take him.'" 

Soon after acquiring Louie, more cats just like him followed suite and thus, quickly a sanctuary was born out of great necessity, Blind Cat Rescue.
In order to better accommodate even more furry felines, a second building was established for those afflicted with FIV+ (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FELV+ (leukemia positive). 

Their website cautions about the testing for these diseases:

"Sadly if re-tested with a more accurate test before being killed,some would actually be false positives. NEVER EVER accept the results from a snap test if your cat tests positive! (That is the test your vet will have used) INSIST that they be re-tested with the IFA test for leukemia or Western Blot test for FIV. The test has to be sent out to an outside lab." 

Blind Cat's mission is not only provide lifetime sanctuary for these cats in need, but to also raise awareness for what their afflicted with, blindness, FELV+, and FLV+.
But it's important to remember how unique this charity is and their need to raise awareness for this cause.

These cats deserve a chance of life instead of being immediately killed in animal shelters.

Even though the cats may be sick or blind doesn't mean they don't have the right to life. These cats are just as lively and normal than any other healthy cat. Check out their page for more information below. You can learn a lot on there, I did. They really take care of their cats and deserve as much support as possible! I hope you support their cause! 

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Blind Cat Rescue can be found on Facebook Here:

More Information about the organization: 


Katherine Cheshire
Katherine Cheshire


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